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Passport To Reading at St Peter's

Launched in 2019, we have been using our Passports to Reading as a great way to encourage reading for pleasure at home. This resource, provided by the Oxford Owl, promotes a love of reading by getting children to read for 10 minute slots and for every slot they read they travel further around the world. The books that they choose are completely up to them and the focus is on using a range of texts to read of their choice and to encourage a 'reader choice' attitude.

"It is okay to put a book down because you do not like it as long as you are having a go at another until you find the perfect one, " Miss Pickersgill

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Getting Involved

Each child has been provided with a passport to take home. This passport records their slots of reading as they travel around the world. Once they are at one of the 12 destinations they are awared a certificate and a book prize. 

Any teachers can sign against the time that the children have read and parents are encouraged to do so as well. 

The passports have become a real success over the beginning of this term and have also helped to continue promoting reading throughout COVID-19. 

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