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Year Three

Year 3 will be taught by Miss Nelson, Mrs Wassall and Mrs Barrie


          Spring Term : The Romans and the Impact on Britian. 

Our topic for this term is The Romans and their impact on Britian. During this topic we will be learning all about Queen Boudicca, Roman invasions, and what the Romans invented and brought to Britian. We will also create our own Roman shields. At the end of January a special guest will come for a Roman workshop where they will teach us how to make mosiac and foil art. 

In English, the book we will be focusing on is How to be a Roman in 21 easy stages. We will be writing poetry such as kennings and haikus as well as create an advert for joinging the Roman armyImage result for how to be a roman in 21 easy stages         

                              Autumn Term:  'Rock Up with the Early Britons' Workshop

Last term we had a special visitor come into our class. An archaeologist named 'Indiana Bones' taught us all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. He had us dress up, look at tools and act out the three different time periods. It was so much fun and we learned lots of new information

Homework and spellings

Your child is expected to complete 15 minutes of home work every evening at home and to have their diary signed, by an adult each day. 

Each night children will need to complete 5 minutes each of the following:

  • Spellings
  • Times tables
  • Reading

If your child brings any extra homework home this is optional and they will recieve a fish if it is returned completed. 

Spellings will be sent home every Wednesday and will be tested the following Wednesday Your children will also have a one to one session once every two weeks with Mrs Wassall where they will be tested on 5 individual spellings. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us! Thank you. -Miss Nelson

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