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the great explorer

Our topic this half term is 'The great explorer!' We will find out information about the Artic and the people who live there. We will be looking at explorers who have ventured to the North Pole and what their journey was like! We will also be writing a job application to join these explorers on their next adventure! 

In year 2 we made parachutes out of different materials so we could find the best material to save Tom from our story 'The Great Explorer!' We talked about how to make the experiment a fair test and which material we predicted would be the best to use to save Tom (the egg.) 

north pole


Key stage 1 assessments will commence in May 2019. The children will be assessed in small groups in a quiet room. The tests will consist of:

  • Maths: Arithmetic Test
  • Maths: Reasoning Paper
  • Reading: Paper 1
  • Reading: Paper 2
  • SPaG: Spelling, punctuation and grammar test (including a spelling test).

There will be a meeting with the year 2 staff, in the weeks prior to SATS commencing, where we will inform you of what the children can expect during the SATS period and answer any questions that you may have on this topic.

Important Information

Reading Book

Please make sure your child reads at home every night and signs their diary. Reading is a crucial area of the curriculum which feeds into so many other subjects. It helps your child to progress in every area of their learning.


PE Kit

Please keep your child's PE kit in school at all times. Our PE lessons are on a Wednesday; however, it is essential that the PE kit stays in school and is in at all times. We also participate in dance on a Friday so it is necessary to have P.E kit then as well.


Spellings and Timestables

The children are tested as a class and with personalised spellings on a 1:1 with the TA once every 2 weeks.. Please also practise the spelling lists which are sent home with the children every Monday to be tested again on a Monday.

By the end of Year 2, children are expected to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables in any order and the corresponding division facts. The children will be tested in lessons as well as weekly on a 1:1 with the TA.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come in and ask. Thank you Miss Pearson 

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