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Mr. J. Wilson

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. E. Anderson
Assistant Headteacher: Miss A Russell

Class Teachers

Nursery: Miss K. McDermott

Miss. A. Russell (Foundation Stage Manager & Early Years/ Key Stage 1 Leader/Assistant Headteacher)

Year 1: Miss R. Connolly and Mrs M Barrie
Year 2: Mr C. Colvin (SENco/Inclusion Manager)
Year 3: Mr J. Ross
Year 4: Miss A Furness
Year 5: Mr Hickey
Year 6: Mrs E Anderson
Music & Teaching Support: Mr. M. Derbyshire
P.E/Intervention Teacher: Mr. K. Connaghan
Speech Therapist: Miss. R. Foster

KS1 Intervention :


KS2 Intervention Teacher:


Mrs. M. Barrie


Mrs K. Wallace

Miss E. Todd


Support Staff

Foundation Stage: Mrs. G. Riaz
Mrs. S. Ashworth
Year 1: Miss O. Fothergill
Year 2: Miss L. Crutchley
Year 3: Mrs C. Walker
Year 4: Miss V. Owen
Year 5: Mrs J Walker 
Year 6: Mrs. S Eccles
Pastoral Team: Mr. C Colvin (SENco/Incluson Manager)
Mrs Z. Foster (Learning Mentor)
Ms. P. Duffy (Attendance Officer)
Mrs. G. Riaz (Bilingual Assistant)
Special Needs Support Assistant: Mrs. A. Reynolds
Caretaking & Cleaning: Mrs S. Bancroft
Miss. J. Singleton
Mrs. L. Bardsley
Midday Assistants: Miss J Singleton (Link Midday)
Mrs. N Mardania
Ms, L, Bardsley
Mrs. A. Azam
Mrs. Y. Bibi
Mrs J Bennett
Mrs J Carlsson
Miss V. Thomas
Breakfast Club: Ms. L. Bardsley
Mrs. A. Azam
Miss V. Owen

  Kitchen Staff

Cook in Charge Mrs. C. Mayhew
Assistant Cook Mrs S. Hammond
Office staff
School Business Manager:  Mrs A. Beddows 
Admin Assistants:   Ms. M. Schofield           Mrs. A.Azam 




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