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Consultation on Admission Arrangements September 2023

St. Peter’s Church of England Primary School, Ashton-under-Lyne are carrying out a consultation on its proposed admission arrangements for admission in September 2023.  The consultation process will begin on Friday 10th December 2021 and will end on 21st January 2022.


The consultation is being carried out on behalf of the Governing Body and the consultation can be accessed using the following link:



We are consulting as part of our statutory obligation to meet the 7 year rule.


Any comments to the consultation should be sent to Mrs Beddows using the email: admin@st-peters-ashton.tameside.sch.uk by no later than 21st January 2022.

Admission criteria

The school has an admissions policy for Reception. 

If you require a copy of our admission policies, please contact the school office or alternatively, you  will find the policies in the Policies section of the Statutory information tab.

The school will, as a matter of policy, adopt the same closing date for applications as LA community schools. This date can be found in the 'Starting Out' information that is issued annually to parents.  Late applications will be dealt with after applications that are received on time have been dealt with.  If school is undersubscribed on allocations and late applications exceed the number of places available then the admissions criteria will be applied until all the places have been allocated.  If school is oversubscribed then late applicants will be offered the right to appeal along with those that have not been allocated places.

Class sizes and appeals

In normal circumstances an appeals panel cannot allow a place for a child if this means that the Reception class will have more than 30 full time pupils.

Parents should note that a panel can only uphold an appeal if the decision was not one which a reasonable admissions authority would make in the circumstances of the case or if the child would have been offered a place if the admission arrangements had been properly implemented.

Secondary Education 

Children transfer to Secondary School in the September following their 11th birthday. Secondary pupils are also taught the National Curriculum. Parents/Carers are free to apply for a place at any High School of their choice.

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