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Reception 2021

Unfortunately, due to COVID – 19 we are unable to host our usual Transition Sessions - a parent/carer Zoom session will take place on Thursday 1st July. Below, you'll find virtual tours,  pictures of our indoor and outdoor learning spaces and an information video from our Speech and Language Therapist Justine (Speech Leap). 

You'll also find our New Pupil Transition Challenges. These will be sent out to pupils every Thursday via our School Ping App. It would be great if you could share your child's Home Learning via Twitter or our Help Email: help@st-peters-ashton.tameside.sch.uk

If you have any further questions or Please phone the School Office on: 0161 330 1691 or email: help@st-peters-ashton.tameside.sch.uk.

Our School:



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Learning Environments:

Challenge One:

Counting Songs - 5 Little Men.mp4

Challenge Two:

Counting Songs - 5 Little Monkeys.mp4

Challenge Three:

Counting Songs - 5 Little Speckled Frogs.mp4

Challenge Four:

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