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Year Four

Hola! This year Year Four will be taught by:

Miss Furness and Mrs Walker smiley


In the Autumn term, we will be learning all about...

The Ancient Greeks

We will be finding out all about the Ancient Greeks; who they were, where they lived and what life was like in Ancient Greece compared to Greece today. We will be researching the first Olympics and will be holding our very own Olympic games in school. During European Week, our class researched Greece and found out what life is like in Greece today. We enjoyed baking our own delicious Olive and Feta Cheese Muffins and writing instructions to tell someone else how to make them.


This half term in Science, we will be focusing on 'Sound.' We will be starting our new topic with a bang with a 'Sound and Music' workshop on Wednesday 27th September. Where we will have the opportunity to carry out exciting investigations led by a specialist Science teacher.


In the Autumn Term, PE sessions are on a Tuesday afternoon. Children should keep their PE kit at school at all times as this can change. At the end of Year 3, our class won a trophy for being the 'Best Dressed' and ALWAYS having full P.E kit, we would really like to win this trophy again next year so need to make sure we are all playing our part and bringing our P.E kit in.

During the first half term, we will also be having cross country practice to prepare us for the school championships later in the term. (We would also like to win a trophy for this!) A separate kit with tracksuit bottoms and trainers will be needed as we are practising on the school field and it is likely to get muddy.


Children are given a homework log every Friday. They must practise their class and individual spellings, times tables and read their reading book every night at home and get an adult to tick and sign the log. The logs are checked by myself or Mrs Walker every morning during registration and if they aren't signed the children will stay in at dinner time to practice.

Times Tables

The expectation for times tables is that the by the end of Year 4, children should know all the times tables up to the twelves. This means knowing the tables in order, in random order and knowing the division facts for all times tables. Tables are tested fortnightly by Mrs Walker but must be practised daily in order for children to acheive their personal target. When they have learned them all, they are tested by Mr Wilson to become a 'Times Tables Champion' and have their photograph on the wall of fame. We are hoping to fill the board with photographs of Year 4 by the end of this school year!


Class spellings will be given out every Thursday and will be tested the following Thursday. These words are taken from the English Curriculum list of Year 3/4 words and all children are expected to be able to spell and use these words independently in their writing by the end of Year 4. Sometimes words will be given related to the current class topics. Individual spellings are tested and given out fortnightly by Mrs Walker and must also be practised daily in order for the children to achieve their personal target and make progress.


Class trip the the theatre

Thank you very much to all parents and carers for sending in deposits for our  class trip to the theatre later in the year. Having the deposits paid early enabled us to book the tickets as soon as they went on sale and we were all excited to see the tickets arrive in school this week. We will send home letters nearer to the time to give more information and to collect the remainder of the trip balance. 



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