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Forest School

Year 4 and year 6 will be taking part in Forest School activities each week. 

Year 4 and year 6 were asked to make a house for their person. They had to work in small teams to make walls and a roof to keep their person warm and dry. Here are their houses:

The plan for the sessions is as follows:


Week 1

Identification - trees

Building small structures

Week 2

Identification -bugs

Build the tallest tower

Week 3

Stick shapes

Floor art – leaf faces/people

Week 4

Sticky tape journey

Colour art

Week 5

Texture picture


Week 6


Square frame - weaving

Week 7


Twig star

Week 8


Dream catcher

Week 9

Blindfold trust game

Twig boats

Week 10

Blindfold trust game

Making dens

Week 11

1,2,3 where are you

Make a structure that can lift all ch off the ground

Week 12

1,2,3 where are you


Week 13

Make mud pit

Mud faces

Week 14

Fire prep

Fire – smores/toast

Week 15

Food prep

Fire – other foods, popcorn




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